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Explore places around the best hotels in Pandharpur

Vitthal Temple:

Vitthal Temple

The temple has four doors for the entrance

  • Namdev Darwaja
  • Eastern face door
  • Tati Door On the Northern side there are three main doors.
  • Rukmini door
  • Rukmini - Gopur door
  • Bodhlebuva's verandha door

Chandrabhaga River:

Chandrabhaga River

On the bank of Chandrabhaga river you can see many small and big peaks of many temples. The first attraction is the temple of devotee Pundlic.

There are three bridges across the river:

  • Railway Bridge
  • New bridge (It is on northern side)
  • Old stone Bridge (Its goes towards solapur)

Kaikadi Maharaj Math:

Kaikadi Maharaj Math

Kaikadi Maharaj Math is oldest math in pandharpur.This math consist the statues of god and goddes.The math is so attractive and beatifull.Every visitor must visit to this math.Location: Dale Galli, Pandharpur. Timing: 10am TO 5pm



Gopal pur lies 2.5 km soth of pandharpur. Gopalpur temple is on a hill which is also called as Gopalpur hill and is non different from Govardhan hill. Once lord Krishna with his cows came to visit Pandharpur. This past time is commomerated even today at a temple called Vishnupad in Gopalpur, where Lord Krishna’s foot prints are embedded on a stone slab along with the hoof prints of cow and the prints of Krishna’s foot.