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Gopalpur Temple Pandharpur

Gopalpur lies 2.5 kilometers south of Pandharpur. Gopalpur temple is on a hill that is additionally known as Gopalpur hill and is non-different from Govardhan hill. Once lord Krishna together with his cows came to visit Pandharpur. This past time is commemorated even these days at a temple known as Vishnupad in Gopalpur, wherever Lord Krishna’s footprints square measure embedded on a stone block alongside the hoof prints of cow and therefore the prints of Krishna’s foot. local devotees say that this place is Lord Krishna’s eternal place of lunch pursuit. Even today this pursuit takes place. Narad muni’s small temple demonstrates his every day’s visit to witness this past time of Krishna and his cow. At Gopalpur stream, Pushpavati meets Bhima. This Pushpavati stream is nondifferent from the Yamuna. Hotel Vitthal Inn is the best hotel in Pandharpur, and it is also a 3-star hotel in Pandharpur.

On the first day of the month of Margashirsha, Lord Vitthala’s sandals are taken to the present Vishnupad temple. On the last day of the identical month, Lord Vitthala’s chariot is brought to the temple in a very grand procession. All the travelers like to make a stay in the best hotel in Pandharpur. Hotel Vitthal Inn is the most affordable and luxurious hotel in Pandharpur Maharashtra.

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