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Chandrabhaga River Pandharpur

Chandrabhaga is one in all the foremost rivers in Amravati district of Maharashtra. As a tributary of the Purna, it forms a region of the Tapti-Purna river system.

The mainstream of the stream rises down the Vairat plateau within the Chikhaldara hills associate degree takes an eastward course debilitating the south slopes of Chikhaldara and Gawilgarh plateaus. The dam is constructed on the stream because it comes out of the valley. The river takes a southward turn from the dam and passes through the city of Daryapur before it meets with stream Purna. Bhuleshwari may be a chief tributary of Chandrabhaga that meets it before Daryapur. Sapan and Bichan rivers flowing through Achalpur and Paratwada are different effluent streams.

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