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Discover Nearby Places Hotel Vitthal Inn Pandharpur

Vitthal Rukmini Temple Pandharpur

A shimmering gem within the pilgrimage circuit of Maharashtra, India, Nearby Vitthal temple is a vital seat of the Warkari sect, who has given the state a novel cultural and social dimension. The temple is sacred to Lord Vitthal or Vithoba, conjointly referred to as Pandurang and Pandharinath. In Hinduism, Vithoba is considered because of the manifestation of the god.

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Chandrabhaga River Pandharpur

Chandrabhaga is one in all the foremost rivers in Amravati district of Maharashtra. As a tributary of the Purna, it Discover forms a region of the Tapti-Purna river system.The mainstream of the stream rises down the Vairat plateau within the Chikhaldara hills associate degree takes an eastward course debilitating the south slopes of Chikhaldara and Gawilgarh plateaus.

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Kaikadi Maharaj Math Pandharpur

Pandharpur tourist location has several unimaginable tourist places like Kaikadi Maharaj math and alternative places to go to in Pandharpur. Kaikadi Maharaj math is additionally one amongst the famed places in Pandharpur to go to for holidays together with your family or friends. Pandharpur weather and temperature in Pandharpur each supply a good

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Gopalpur Temple Pandharpur

Gopalpur lies 2.5 kilometers south of Pandharpur. Gopalpur temple is on a hill that is additionally known as Gopalpur hill and is non-different from Govardhan hill. Once lord Krishna together with his cows came to visit Pandharpur. This past time is commemorated even these days at a temple known as Vishnupad in Gopalpur, wherever Lord Krishna’s footprints

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Shree Radha Pandharinath Temple Pandharpur

On the other facet of the Chandrabhaga river, one will visit the temple of Lord Vitthal and Rukmini Devi. Pandharpur Dhamma is that the stunning holy abode of Lord Vithala, Sri Krishna Himself. situated in Southeastern Maharashtra, Pandharpur Dhamma is that the religious headquarters of Maharashtrian bhaktas.Hotel Vitthal Inn is the best hotel in Pandharpur,

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